Welcome to know a little about my life …

By Angelik Celis Cruz

I arrived in this beautiful and wonderful city seven years ago.  I was already married to a special husband who has lived in London for many years. I am a Colombian dreamer, entrepreneur and mother of two wonderful children. There was no doubt that I could realize my dreams in this wonderful city full of opportunities. During my first year, I was afraid to start and to develop my dream business in a completely unknown country with different cultural and language barriers, but I never stopped dreaming and believing in my inner self and overcoming my fears to rushed into the entrepreneurial spirit.


I have a strong belief in myself and am very fortunate to have the support of my beloved family who are positive, adventurous and provide unconditional support to make my dreams come true.

As an immigrant I have had jobs from cleaning to being a manager in a money transfer with long working hours, but I never stop in believe in myself and my greatest wish that was to be able to spend more time with two children.

I am a great believer in God, and I appreciated all the opportunities, but I wanted something that would really make me and my family happy.

The Pandemic arrived and it is right there that I decided to venture into the world of Network Marketing using my social networks as tools, I was a little scared because I did not know many people here in the UK but I trained myself and managed to learn many things that today are very useful to me, I love making fashion videos and that’s where I found my way.


 I began to meet wonderful people thanks to social networks and decided to undertake what I have the most experience in, sales, which was what I dedicated myself to for many years back in my country Colombia.


And today, I feel bless and glad that I can offer to so many people my wonderful and beautiful bags collections including a variety of accessories for your day to day that can make your outfit stand out with stunning features.

I would like to take this opportunity to I invite you to follow me and be part of a

wonderful dream ♥️